How Can I Index My Content Faster?

Google Webmaster Tools is a critical component of SEO, helping to ensure that your website is running smoothly and efficiently. Both the Sitemap submission tool and the Crawl Errors report are essential but another key factor is the Fetch as Google option.

Often ignored by bloggers, webmasters and SEO strategists, this tool is an extremely convenient way to speed up the process of having new content found in the SERPs. Generally, savvy marketers will make sure to include new content in their XML sitemap and resubmit to Google and Bing. However, when you submit new content into the Fetch as Google tool, Google will crawl the URL within one day.

The process of fetching your content is quite simple. Once your website has been verified by Google Webmaster Tools, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen
  2. Select the Domain Name
  3. Expand the Crawl Menu
  4. Click Fetch as Google
  5. Click Submit to Index

Google allows you the option of either submitting the URL itself or the URL and all pages linked from it. Choose URL if your page is new or has not been recently updated. Select URL and all linked pages if you site has changed significantly.

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