How Can I Increase Social Media Engagement Organically?

The world of social media consists of an assortment of free platforms for brands to spread their message and interact with the public. Brands have the choice of doing this visually through pictures and videos, through text, or linking directly back to their sites. The key to success as a brand on social media is to interact & build a following. Without engagement, a brand’s social media efforts are useless. Although there is the option of boosting posts & other forms of sponsored content, increasing engagement organically is the best way to ensure that followers are truly interested in your company and its content.

Optimize Your Profiles

Each profile should be properly optimized to provide as much information on your brand as possible. Users should be able to tell as soon as they land on your profile what you sell, if you are close in proximity to them, and whether or not they are interested in your business. You should also link back to your website in your profile for those who want to learn more.

Create Engaging Content

Your content should be interesting and relatable, allowing users to identify and form a connection. Remember the power of emotion, and that people like to see content that makes them laugh or feel positive emotions. Social media allows you to take engagement a step further. Twitter & Instagram allow users to create polls that other users can vote in, and Facebook allows reactions to posts & comments beyond the standard “like”. Instagram also allows quizzes, countdowns, and questions on their story feature.

Optimize Your Posts

Each post should be optimized according to the platform. You can tag a location where applicable, and tag other relevant brands. Hashtags should be used where relevant, but not overused to the point of affecting readability. All posts should include an image – Even tweets with images are shown to have increased engagement over those without. Brands can also occasionally incorporate links back to their own website to further drive engagement & traffic.

Consider User Generated Content

User-generated content means that you are reposting what someone else already posted. This can be useful for retail stores, restaurants, and countless other business models that are looking to interact with their customer base. Using user-generated content will make your followers talk more about your brand and build audience loyalty. It also shows followers who haven’t yet bought from you that other people are consuming your product.

Engage With Customers

Engagement is a two-way street. Engaging with your followers humanizes your business, gives you a chance to assign a personality to your brand, and prompts followers to continue the interaction. Engaging with your user base can be as simple as replying to comments & messages across platforms. This makes your business appear responsive & accessible.

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