How Can I Increase Organic Facebook Reach?

As Facebook is starting to put the focus back on the individuals and becoming ad-heavy, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to see an increase in organic Facebook reach. In order to have your Facebook posts seen by users, it’s crucial to be utilizing all of the features of the platform to stay in their good graces and build a better strategy.

If you’re struggling with your organic Facebook reach, try these strategies:

1. Give Facebook Live a Try

Many social media platforms are changing their direction to favor those users who utilize video content, and Facebook is one of those platforms! Live videos tend to have more engagement than videos that are posted directly to your Facebook page, but if you are going to post photos to your Facebook page, make sure these photos are unique to Facebook and aren’t YouTube videos being posted on the platform.

Strategies to keep in mind:

  • Keep your Facebook Live around 15 minutes long to receive the most engagement
  • If you’re creating a video to publish to your Facebook page, keep them between 30 and 60 seconds
  • Always keep text intro short so users can dive right into watching your video

2. Be Selective About What You Post

If you’ve noticed your Facebook reach decreasing, try slashing your posting schedule. Users are embracing the less is more approach and by posting less, you actually have a better chance of increasing your organic reach. When you’re over-posting, users not only get frustrated and tend to “unlike” the page but Facebook will show your content less often.

Instead, focus on quality content that entices users to engage with it! This will help reach more users who might not already like or follow your page.

3. Learn Your Demographics

When you’re posting to Facebook, always consider the demographics of your users. This will allow you to better critique your posts so you can gain the most engagement from your followers, in turn reaching more users organically. Once you figure out what your demographics are, craft emails using language that they will understand, include emojis (everyone loves emojis!) and tweak any ads you have running to target those demographics.

4. Be Consistent

Posting consistently will help your users know when to expect new content from you and will be more likely to engage with your Facebook posts. To make sure you’re posting on a regular basis, put a content calendar together and schedule out your content out for the month in advance. This will also help avoid forgetting to post for months on end!

5. Use Better Visuals

As a visual platform, Facebook users engage more with posts that are video or photo-based instead of posts that only have text. To help reach more users and gain more engagement on posts, keep the text on posts short and always include an image or some sort of graphic to gain the attention of the user.

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