How Can I Increase My Website Speed?

When was the last time you went to a website that loaded extremly slow? Chances are, after waiting at least 15 seconds for the website to load, you give up and look elsewhere for the information you need. In a fast paced, busy world, users don’t have time or patience to wait for your website to load.

The Benefits of Fast Site Speed

As an SEO ranking factor, the faster your website load time, the higher you will appear in search results. The average user has an eight second attention span and if your content is taking a while to load, you could lose them to another site.

A delay in site speed can result in:

  • Less pageviews
  • Decrease in visitor satisfaction
  • Decreased conversions


Ways to Increase Site Speed

1. Optimize your Images

Images with large sizes take longer to load and by simply decreasing the size by 5-10% can help your site speed drastically without losing the quality of the image. By adding customized file names for your images and optimizing the alt text, you have a better chance of your website being linked through said image on an image search.

2. Opt for Better Hosting

If you’ve tried everything under the sun to speed up you website with no results, it could be your hosting. Find a company that has little down time, fast load speeds, and great customer service.

3. Clean Up Your Database and Dashboard

Spring clean the backend of your website – delete any plugins and themes you are no longer using, in addition to any drafts and duplicate images.

4. Reduce the Amount of CSS and JS Code

Any Javascript and CSS on your website is going to slow down your site. By installing Google Tag Manager, you can reduce the amount of code that is on your website but still benefit from the information.

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