How Can I Increase My Video SEO Strategy?

As the second-largest search engine, Youtube videos should be a fundamental component of your SEO strategy. Videos that implement numeric titles and “how-to” tips generally receive the most views.

The first step to constructing the perfect video for SEO is to take advantage of all open fields such as titles, descriptions and annotations. In the description field, be sure to use specific keywords and thoroughly describe what the video is about. For fields that are blank, embed social media links.

Using a boot-leg looking video will hurt your authority. Be sure to use still photos for your thumb nails. Additionally, since phones have become increasingly more sophisticated, you can use these to shoot your video but turn the phone sideways to avoid black bars. With more people watching Youtube on their mobile devices, shoot your video specifically for a smaller screen. Come up with a weekly or bi-weekly plan to post your videos. If you aren’t posting regularly then you won’t get indexed. Also, don’t forget to install your Youtube widget to the website!

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