How Can I Increase My Newsletter’s Open Rate?

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? Now, think of your subscribers… How many unread emails do you think are sitting in their inbox? As consumers, we receive a ton of emails, and as digital marketers, we send a ton of emails.

What makes your email stand out from the next email that gets left unread?  Your subject line. No matter how many emails someone gets, people judge email newsletters by the subject line.  This is the first, and possibly last, impression on users, and is a key factor in someone opening your email. A majority of email recipients decide whether to open an email newsletter is based on the subject line, making it imperative to write a compelling subject line that sparks curiosity.

What makes a great email subject line?  The same energy you put into your titles for your blog posts, or your captions on Instagram, or the content that goes in your email newsletter, is the same energy you need to invest in your subject lines. We’ve put together a list of some essential elements you might want to include or consider in your next email’s subject line. 

Short & Simple

Try to keep it concise, and only use the allotted number of characters. If you give away every detail of the newsletter, they won’t have any reason to open it and find out more!  The best way to spark curiosity is by asking a simple question. This will encourage the users to click the email and find out the answer. Including a teaser or a promotion or special discount has also proven to be highly effective.

Adding Personalization

Using dynamic tags in your emails helps to add a personal touch. Dynamic tags allow you to customize the “to” field to include the recipient’s first or full name. You can also use them to include other specifics in your email, such as location, job title, etc. Using the pronouns “you” and “your” also helps to humanize your email and helps users connect to your brand, rather than feeling like a robot is reaching out to them. Many companies have also found success by adding a touch of humor. A funny subject line sticks out among the dry emails that flood a user’s inbox!

Using “Scare” Tactics

You don’t want to raise eyebrows or scare customers away, but including verbiage such as “last chance,” or “missing out” will encourage users to take action quickly. These type of tactics can help to improve not only your open rate, but click through rates, and ultimately conversions as well.

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