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How Can I Increase My Link Building?

Link building is still important for organic SEO, and getting the proper links back to your site can make or break your organic rankings. But building links back to your site can be a difficult process, especially if you are just starting out. Here are a few tips on how to get started on building links back to your site.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Ask other reputable sites to link back to your website. Think of any relationships you may have in the industry that you can leverage for links. If you are an e-commerce shop or work with manufacturers, ask these sites you work closely with to link back to your site. If you are one of their distribution channels they will want to do whatever they can to keep you happy. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask these links can be valuable to your own sites SEO.

Complementary Products

Consider products that complement your products or services. By featuring a link on your website for these products you could create an opportunity for a link back to your site as well. Reach out to the manufacturers of these products to see if you can work together. It could be as simple as linking to each other’s websites or even exchanging posts on each other’s blogs. This could be mutually beneficially for both of your companies.

Create a Contest

Run a contest on your product or service, this will increase people across the web talking about your product and increase links back to your website. You can easily build a contest through a tool like Rafflecopter. Once your contest is created you can submit it to contest directories like Contest Girl. This gives bloggers access to your contest and a reason to write about it. The more interesting your contest the more people will want to feature it on their blogs and the more links you will drive back to your site.

Don’t Forget about Internal Linking

Most of these tactics will help you increase your external or back linking to your site. But don’t forget about the value of internal linking. This is when you link from one page within your own site to another page. Many of your high-value keywords are located on product or category pages. Internal linking helps you build link equity to pages other than your homepage. So make sure you are taking advantage of internal linking by including links to product descriptions, blogs, and anywhere else on your site you reference a product or service.

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