How Can I Increase My Google Reviews?

A business can thrive from an influx of positive Google reviews. When online users interact with your Google Business Profile, they can offer useful information to help your business stand out amongst competition. For example, if an individual is trying to decide between two different hair salons to try out, there is a good chance they will check the reviews to make their decision. Typically, people rely on the experiences of other people to help make choices. If your profile lacks reviews, your business may appear to lack credibility. By focusing your SEO strategy on increasing Google reviews, you’ll work toward turning online users into long-term customers. This blog will answer a few frequently asked questions about increasing Google reviews, and offer a few strategies to build your customer base.

How Do Google Reviews Help My Business?

There are many benefits that Google reviews can have on your business. From ranking for local SEO to building your online reputation, Google reviews contribute greatly toward a high-ranking website. In a nutshell, positive reviews can act as a transparent proof that your business is worth engaging with. Customers can describe the interaction they had with your service, provide photographic evidence & offer a rating from 1 to 5.

When online users read your reviews, they are essentially determining the quality of the business before engaging. If your reviews are generally positive, there is a much greater chance of turning that online user into a customer. This is an example of increasing your brand trust. You can take this a step further  and show your customers that you value their input by ensuring you’ve replied to reviews.

How Can I Get More Reviews From Customers?

There are a few simple strategies you can follow to get more reviews on your Google Business profile. To start, don’t be hesitant to encourage your customers to spread the word about your goods and services online. It’s not uncommon for people to forget to leave a review, or not even think of it in the first place. Simply ask your customers to share their feedback on your business profile. You can ask in-person after every positive interaction that occurs. Consider thanking them for being a customer and asking them for support on your Google Business Profile with a review. It’s human nature for people to speak about their experiences, and sometimes all it takes is a little reminder.

Additionally, you can gain more Google reviews through your marketing strategy. Email newsletters and campaigns are a great resource for connecting with your customer base. On each newsletter that you create, take the opportunity to ask for feedback.

How Do I Share My Google Business Profile With Others?

If you wish to increase your reviews on Google, it’s important to make this process as easy as possible for your customers. To make sure the review process is easy, tell people where to find your business on Google. You can send them a direct link to your profile. Create and share a link that is included in your email campaigns, receipts, and any interaction online. The link can be found on desktop by going to your Business Profile, and selecting “Get more reviews” in the upper right hand side. This button will lead you to a review link that you can easily copy and share.

Share the link with your customers directly in all marketing materials going forward. Once you build a strong rating on Google, advertise your testimonials all over your site. A positive rating will help to increase customer trust and contribute to even more reviews in the future.

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