How Can I Improve Website Traffic Coming from My Instagram?

With Instagram’s recent expansion in advertising opportunities, brands and local businesses can interact with their followers in new ways to drive more traffic to a desired website. If you are having trouble driving traffic to your website through Instagram, follow these tips to help increase clicks!
Include a Link in Your Bio
Since Instagram does not support clickable links in posts, the simplest way of driving traffic is by including a link in your bio. Although you can change the link as many times as you would like, many brands and businesses keep the link directed at their homepage. The accounts that are driving the most traffic to their website are changing the link frequently to reflect sales, new products, events, etc., and including a call to action in their posts, telling users to click the link in their bio.
Run Instagram Ads
Advertising on Instagram is an inexpensive and effective way to increase impressions and drive more traffic to your website. The minimum amount you have to spend is $5 a day, making it a great option for even the tightest budgets. Instagram ads uses Facebook’s Ad Application which enable you to advertise to your target audience, with options such as:
• Age
• Gender
• Relationship status
• Education level
• Workplace or job title
• Location
• Interests, hobbies, and entertainment preferences
Tag Your Products
For now, this strategy is geared towards ecommerce businesses who sell apparel, jewelry, or beauty products online. Recently, Instagram began allowing businesses to tag their products in their organic Instagram photos. When a user clicks on the product shown, they are given a short description with an option to click on through to the website. The other criteria that your business needs, is to have an Instagram business profile in English.
Instagram Stories
Unlike normal posts, businesses can make their Instagram stories clickable if they have a verified account. A verified account will have a little blue badge next to the name, confirming its authenticity. When verified accounts post an Instagram Story, they will have the option to include a link, that appears as an arrow with the text “See More” at the bottom of the screen. When the user swipes up, they will be taken to the website set by the verified account.
If you do not want to go through the steps needed to become verified, consider working with an influencer who already has a large relevant following and a verified account! Depending on the influencer, this may be a costly option.

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