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How Can I Improve the Search Appearance Of My Restaurant?

It may be challenging to try and stand out from the crowd as a restaurant owner. New restaurants are opening up everywhere, and the competition always seems to be on the rise. Luckily with search engine optimization (SEO), there are ways to improve the search appearance of your restaurant and stand out from the crowd. Many people are searching for restaurants whether they are traveling in a new area, or looking for a place close to home. With SEO, restaurants will have an advantage over others by ranking higher on search engines and getting more traffic to their website. If you are wondering how you can improve the search appearance of your restaurant, take a look at these four helpful tips below. 

Four Ways To Optimize The Search Appearance Of Your Restaurant


1. Make Sure Your Website Has A Menu

Every restaurant’s website must have a menu for users to browse. A menu is commonly searched for and viewed when people are trying to find a restaurant to go to. Menu pages can count as a “conversion” page because they will come to your restaurant and eat once a user views them. Search engines like Google can rank these menu pages higher because they can read that and give you an advantage over your competitors. When having a menu on your website, it is equally as essential to ensure that the menu is constantly updated with both dishes and pricing. No one wants to read a menu and find something they want to order only to find out that it was a seasonal item or no longer served. The same goes for pricing. It is crucial to ensure that the prices are equivalent to the menu they will be handed in their restaurant. No one wants to be surprised when they see something different than expected. 

2. Update Your Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business Listing is a free tool that benefits any business. When users are searching for a restaurant, the Google My Business listing is usually the first thing that will pop up. This listing includes everything a user will need to know about your restaurant. From the location, the hours, the phone number, reviews, and other helpful information, it is important to ensure it is all complete, updated, and accurate. Google will rank a website that has a Google My Business listing when a user searches for local businesses. So ensuring that hours are accurate will build relationships with potential customers and generate more sales for your business. 

3. Get More Reviews

As mentioned above, with Google My Business, reviews are critical when users decide where to go. Reviews can make or break a user’s decision to try your restaurant. Encouraging more customers to leave reviews after they have had a positive experience at your restaurant will not only build trust and customer loyalty but also help convince more new customers to try out your place. Reviews will also help with your SEO because Google can use those reviews to help restaurants rank higher on search engines. This is why it is extremely important to encourage customers to leave their thoughts, whether it is on the bottom of the receipt, in an email, or by giving them an incentive like a free dessert. It is never a good idea to buy reviews because search engines can pick up on those if they notice too many 5-star reviews are being given in a row. Instead, genuine reviews from real customers, replying to all reviews, and encouraging more people to leave reviews will help your business grow in both its search appearance and reputation. 

4. Enhance Your Social Media

Nowadays, many customers head to social media to find new and cool restaurants to try. Many users go on tik tok and find unique places with delicious food. Keeping your restaurant in the know and on-trend improves your business and enhances your social media. Consider making tik tok’s to engage with new and returning customers, post on Instagram any new dishes or drinks that will be served, and offer giveaways for people to enter and win a gift card to your restaurant. This will help get your restaurant out there and build better relationships with customers and encourage them to leave their positive feedback on Facebook or Google. 

Get Your Restaurant Found Quick

Boston Web Marketing helps restaurants from all over improve their search appearance. By improving your website, publishing blogs with optimized content, and enhancing your Google My Business listing, we help restaurants get found quickly. Learn more about our SEO for restaurants, website design, and reputation management to help you generate more traffic to your website and optimize sales. Get started by calling us at 857-526-0096 or emailing us at

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