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With so many professionals and homeowners on Houzz, it should be one of the social media platforms that you are active on, if you are in the business of home design, remodeling, landscaping, construction or the like. It does take a bit of commitment however, because it is far more effective when you post on Houzz regularly. Whether you already have a Houzz profile, or are interested in creating one, here are 8 tips on building a better presence.

As always, only post images that are large and of high quality. Visitors on Houzz want to be able to see the details of your work. High quality images increase the chance that they share your work, or even better, contact you to do work in their home.

Product Tagging
Houzz allows users to tag their images to boost exposure. Be sure to tag each photo with the relevant tags, and no more than 3-5 tags per image, to make it easier for visitors to find your work.
If there are other designers or professionals who collaborated on the work with you, ask them to also tag their photos with your products or services.

Organize with Projects
Creating projects will help organize your uploaded photos, although each photo can only belong to one project.

Ideabooks are a great way to show off your products. The neat thing about ideabooks is that you can also pull images from all over Houzz and not just from the ones you’ve uploaded. Get creative and give your visitors ideas for their next project. They may just get in touch with you to complete it!

Get in on the Discussion
Houzz has a discussion section where users can engage in conversation topics such as design dilemma, polls, photo questions, pro to pro and more. Any questions that you answer about your photos will be posted to the discussion section, and on your profile. Get in on the discussion and show that you are an authority in your field.

Build your Following
Like most other social media platforms, you want to work on building followers. You can do this on Houzz by:
• Asking followers on other platforms you are active on, such as Twitter and Facebook, to follow you on Houzz.
• Add a Houzz button on your website that links to your Houzz profile.
• Be active and engage with your customers when they comment or ask questions.

Encourage Reviews
Reviews are crucial to your building your brand and business. People trust businesses with many positive reviews and will be more likely to spend money on your products or services. Also, many positive reviews can minimize the impact of a negative review, by making it look like a non-common occurrence.

The last thing you should think about to gain a bigger presence on Houzz, is ads. They are great for reaching more potential customers, but your profile needs to be optimized with the tips above, to entice visitors into hiring you. Houzz has over 40 million users active per month, so if you’re serious about standing out from the competition, Houzz ads should be in your digital toolkit.

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