How Can I Improve the SEO of my Restaurant’s Website?

As a restaurant, many people believe that their food speaks for itself, and that a simple website is good enough. While a simple website is a great idea, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your site does well, and ultimately brings leads into your restaurant. SEO is a very powerful tool, and when used correctly, can really make the difference. Having a nice, clean, user-friendly site, that ranks well can really help boost the traffic to your site and restaurant. Here are some tips on how to boost your rankings and customers as a restaurant:

Social Media

While social media may not directly affect your traffic directly, it has a huge impact in doing a lot of things for your site. While it helps immensely with your branding, and customer awareness, it also creates quality backlinks, as well as great content, that can help you get found quick. This is a way you can entice new customers, by utilizing promotions and images.


While social media is a great way to create a brand and audience, citations are really the foundation of basic SEO. This will help you build great backlinks, as referrals are a top traffic source to a website. This can be great for restaurants because, although it may lead traffic to your Yelp page, or Facebook page, etc., it can bring in customers to the restaurant, which is the ultimate goal. If you keep your information up to date, with quality images and respond to reviews (good or bad), you can depend on this as a real SEO help.

Schema Markup & Rich Snippets

Schema Markup is a part of the HTML that tells the crawlers understand information about your company, as opposed to just seeing it. It is actually very user friendly, as it can relay information to users in the form of rich snippets. Rich snippets are the little bits of information underneath a URL that tell you things like how many stars the restaurant has, and how expensive it is. This can be a game changer for many people searching for a local restaurant, as that information can really aid in pushing a conversion.


Getting your menu to rank is crucial, as it is what makes people want to visit a restaurant. If a customer is choosing between two restaurants, and is a little more on the picky side, they will almost always go with the safe option, as seeing a menu pushes a conversions very effectively. This means traffic is going to your competitors. This also has a great SEO value, as if your menu can rank in the top three spots, customers are more likely to go directly to the source (your website), as opposed to going to a 3rd party site that might not have the most accurate information.
While some of these strategies might not directly lead traffic to your website, they are most likely a very good complement for customer conversion. Local SEO for restaurants can be a little bit daunting to think about, but with these tips and tricks, such as social media, schema markup and getting your menu to rank, you’ll have customers walking through your doors.

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