How Can I Improve My Website’s User Experience? 

A well designed and functional website is important when it comes to your business’s digital marketing efforts. It has been found that about 40% of users will leave a website as soon as they arrive if the layout or content is not attractive. In order for your website to be successful, you need to make sure it includes all the elements it needs for users to easily navigate through and engage with your site. Here are 5 things to include on your website to improve its user experience and to boost engagement and conversions. 

Optimize Page Speed

One of the main reasons people click off of a website is because it is not loading quickly enough. If your user has to wait around just for your homepage to load, chances are they are going to click right out. Because we live in a world where people always want instant gratification, people know they can most likely find the information they’re looking for somewhere else and much faster. Therefore, focusing on page speed is extremely important for your site. 

Use Attractive Calls to Action

If you set up calls to action on your site strategically, it is possible that you’ll have slight control over how people navigate through your website and can point them in the direction of converting. Website visitors usually navigate through a website following visual cues that point them to the most important information. By including calls to action with bold buttons and active words, you can encourage users to take the next step and convert. 

Segment Key Information with Bullet Points

The most important information on your website is likely what your website visitors are looking for. Make it easy for your visitors to find this information by highlighting it within bullet points. Like mentioned earlier, people look for instant gratification, so if you answer their question in an easy to read bullet point they will be happy that they easily and quickly found their answer.

Include Well-Designed and Written Headlines

Well-designed and written headlines are very important for your website for a couple of reasons. The first being that your content should be driven by what your users are looking for. Well designed and written headlines will let users know what they are about to read before reading it. This saves people time if they are searching for something specific. Well-designed and written headlines are also extremely important for your website’s SEO. These headlines are what communicate to Google what your website is about and what type of content it holds. If you include important keywords in your headlines, Google will pick up on those and direct people to your website who are looking for the information your website provides. 

Be Responsive and Mobile Friendly

More than half of internet searches are done on mobile devices. Therefore, in order to have a successful website, it must be responsive and mobile-friendly on any device. If someone comes across your website on their phone and it is not mobile-friendly, they are very likely to click right out of it. 

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