How Can I Improve My Websites Organic Search?

Website traffic comes in a variety of forms but none are more important than organic search traffic. Organic search traffic consists of visitors who find a particular website through unpaid methods unlike paid search and advertisement. Getting organic search results to your website is invaluable because not only does it come through unpaid means, it is also a testament that SEO is working for your website. It is not unusual for organic search to slow down or become stagnant across certain websites. Here are five ways websites can improve organic search results when improvement is needed.

Give Schema Markup A Try

Schema markup refers to a coded markup that allows search engines to understand a websites content better. Using a schema markup generator will allow your content to convey in a more structured, organized manner. When schema markup is done correctly, the content of your website can show up under the rich snippets section of a search engine query. Rich snippets can be a driving force for higher click through rates.

Make Sure Your Pages Feature Images

Not only can images grab anyone’s attention, they can also help a website rank higher with search engines. This is because in most cases, images enhance content and increase a users engagement. The next time your website content is filled with words but lacks images, implement at least one.

Do Not Discount That Word Count

While it is important to not be too wordy and keyword stuff, thin content can hinder strong organic search results. Information is valuable and the more information you can include in your content, the more search engines have to work with.

Aim For Enticing Page Titles

There are many generic page titles out in the digital world. Have your content stand out by writing unique and intriguing page titles.

Do Not Be Hesitant To Be Creative

SEO is a space that sees constant changes. On top of that Google goes through multiple algorithm updates frequently these days. If you have a new idea, do not be afraid to try it out. Most SEO strategies currently in place were born from creativity and forward thinking.

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