How Can I Improve My Website’s Core Web Vitals?

In a successful SEO strategy, there are no such things as “little things”. No matter how small a ranking factor may seem, it can have a significant impact on your business’s ability to show up within search results! Especially where Google uses dozens of algorithms to sort out its results pages, any imperfection in your strategy is one you should be able to address quickly. Core Web Vitals have largely been proven to be a ranking factor for your website, as they can affect a variety of your website’s functions in addition to the user experience. With that being said, what are the best ways to improve your website’s Core Web Vitals? We give our expert tips on enhancing this important SEO metric below!

Take A Look At Your Website’s Hosting

Just like in most other industries in the world, there are good website hosting providers and bad ones. The best website hosting providers will allow your website to run optimally with little room for error, while the worst ones will be riddled with issues that their customer support team can’t wrap their heads around. Take a look at your website and the way it functions. Is it constantly breaking down without warning, or does everything flow together smoothly? If your answer to this question is unfavorable, you may want to consider switching hosting providers or updating your plan.

Look At The Quality And Size Of Your Images

Page speed is arguably one of the most important ranking factors that Google takes into account for Core Web Vitals. What isn’t arguable is that the images on your website can have a huge impact on how fast it loads. Sometimes, the best-quality images aren’t the ones with the highest resolution and file size! If you have images like this scattered throughout your pages, it can have a dramatic negative effect on your website’s loading time. Consider compressing your highest-quality images – you can even make them smaller if you have to!

Examine Your CSS Code

Part of a website’s loading speed has to do with the simplicity and structure of its CSS code. If this code is needlessly complicated, it will obviously take longer to read it – and it will lead to much slower loading times! There are a few ways that you can optimize this. You can rewrite your code to include only the most important elements, however, this may take a lot of time and research. If you manage your website on WordPress, the plugin WP Rocket can help you optimize your CSS delivery with a simple press of a button. The easier to understand your CSS code is, the better your Core Web Vitals are.

SEO Strategies With Boston Web Marketing

As SEO professionals, Boston Web Marketing knows that every little detail counts to help your website rank at its best. We’ll ensure that every part of your strategy is up to date and doing its best to drive more traffic and leads – and this includes your Core Web Vitals! Contact Boston Web Marketing today to improve your business’s online presence!

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