How Can I Improve My Site’s Local SEO?

SEO is carried out on a number of different scales. Some companies may want to target by state. Some may prefer to target by region, such as New England. Some may want to go even bigger and target on a national scale. However, the basis of any good SEO strategy always begins at the source: Local SEO. To succeed on a larger scale, you need to first ensure that everything is set up properly on a local scale. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can improve your Local SEO, keep reading below!

Google My Business

The first thing you need to do to optimize your site’s Local SEO is set up a Google My Business profile. Nothing will help you show up on Google Map’s three-pack like a well-optimized GMB profile. In order to maximize your profile, there are a number of smaller tasks that should be handled on a regular basis, including asking customers to write reviews for your page, adding updates for holidays and COVID, and responding to reviews.

Target Local Keywords

If you’re trying to optimize your business locally, begin by targeting local keywords. Be sure to include relevant locations in your metadata and h-tags, as Google will pick these up and help your content rank locally. If you want to be found within a specific city, make sure that city is in the metadata of your important interior pages, and of course, your homepage description.

Well-Rounded SAP Strategy

Another great technique for improving your SEO within a specific region is to create city/town service area pages. These pages describe your businesses services, and they allow you to create a long piece of content centered around specific location, ensuring that the name of the city appears frequently within the page. These pages, when well-written, will help you to show up within a specific city search, such as “Roofing Cambridge MA” even if your business is actually located in Boston. Having a well-designed SAP startegy can help your business grow quickly and exponentially if the pages rank well and generate traffic.

Submit Listings

In addition to content, another major ranking factor for websites is backlinks. It can often be difficult to accumulate a great deal of backlinks, and the black-hat practices from years ago have been thwarted by Google, meaning you’ll need to gather your backlinks legitimately these days, rather than through a link farm. One of the best ways to get backlinks and improve your SEO is to submit your website and business to local listings and directories. These websites allow you to submit your business name, hours, website, and other relevant information about your company. This helps your SEO by consistently putting your business information about the web, but also providing your site with backlinks from sites. Some sites, like Yelp, have particularly useful backlinks, since the site is nationally recognized. Be sure to submit plenty of business listings, and don’t forget the most important few!

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