How Can I Improve My Site Organic Traffic?

Every optimizer knows that the most important goal of the work is to help improve the amount of organic traffic to your website. Improving your site’s organic traffic is a complicated process, and it can be achieved through a variety of methods, best used in combination with each other. Are you interested in learning how you can improve the amount of organic traffic to your site? Keep reading below for a few tips that can help boost traffic!

Identify Where You Can Improve Your CTR

One of the first things you should do when trying to improve your organic traffic is check out your pages CTR. CTR, or click-through-rate, is a measurement of the rate at which users see your website/page in their organic search results, versus how often they click on the page.

When aiming to improve this metric, you should begin by compiling a list of the pages that you feel are underperforming, and take a look at the metadata. While metadata is one of the most important ranking factor for SEO, it is also the brief description that users will read before choosing to visit your webpage, which means including a clear, concise explanation of your content, along with a call-to-action, can go a long way in improving the click-through-rate!

Don’t Forget To Blog

One of the most important things you can to help improve your site’s organic traffic is to blog. Blogging is an easy way to increase the amount of keyword-rich content on your website, providing you with additional opportunities to rank for the keywords you’re targeting.

If your content is high-quality, and you’re able to rank on the first page for an important industry query, it’s possible that a blog could drive hundreds, or even thousands of sessions per month, giving your website a tremendous boost in traffic!

Practice Good Site Architecture

It’s also important to note that proper site architecture will improve your site’s SEO, and consequently your CTR. You must ensure that every page on your website is easy to navigate to and from, and the best way to do so is build a great menu. Every major page on your site, like service pages, your blog, service area pages, and information about your company, should all be easily accessible from your main menu. It is okay to have some pages that aren’t accessible from your homepage, but be sure that every page is not more than a few clicks away from your homepage, otherwise engines will have a difficult time crawling your site.

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