How Can I Improve My Ranking in Local Search Results?

Google recently expanded on its documentation on improving your local ranking in search results. Some obvious ways to improve are verifying your Google My Business page, including accurate information, adding pictures and managing reviews. Below, are more detailed ways you can improve your local Google ranking.

  1. Relevance This means how accurate a local listing is going to match what the user is looking for. Make sure that your business listing information is completed and detailed. This will help Google better comprehend your business listing and match it to related searches.
  2. Distance What is the distance between each possible search result from the area that was used in the search? If the user doesn’t use a specific area, Google can determine the distance from what it knows about their area.
  3. Prominence This means how recognized a business is. There are some businesses that are more well-known and Google tries to display those search results in local ranking. Places like famous hotels or museums that people know about are more likely to show up in results. Prominence also depends on certain information, like articles and links, which Google obtains about a business.

One of the best ways businesses can improve their ranking is to always implement best SEO practices!

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