How Can I Improve My Presence on YouTube?

YouTube is a great platform to display visual content from and about your business! Anyone from chiropractors to retailers can use YouTube as a way to show their services and products before you even step into their office or store. With an increasing number of content creators nowadays, YouTube is a competitive social media platform and it takes some time and effort to grab the attention of potential viewers. Here are some ways to help grow your YouTube channel and gain some subscribers if you own a business or brand:

Set Goals For Your Channel

Along with setting goals for your business, you should be setting goals for your SEO and social media. YouTube is a hard platform to go into blindly. It takes editing skills and camera skills to get the best content you can. There is a large number of channels on YouTube, so to be able to target the correct audience, you need to know who that audience is. What do you want to show them? Are you going to be speaking during the entire videos or doing a voice-over? Are you or someone else going to be filming it? There is a lot to determine when setting yourself up to use this platform.

Optimizing Your Videos

When you are ready to upload your videos, you should take the time to optimize them. Make sure to add a description of what the video entails, a title, and some tags. This will help users to find you and your content. You’ll also want to add a thumbnail for the video. This is the first thing that a user sees when they find your content. Optimizing your videos will benefit you and your business. Also, be sure to share your content on other social media platforms to gain traffic to your new YouTube channel! From there, people may end up subscribing.

Create a Table of Contents

If you are producing long and informative videos, some users may be there for only some of the information. Create a table of contents that allows viewers to click directly to what they are searching for. This can be done by typing out the times on the video where each topic begins. You can then place this in your description box! This will help you gain some viewers. If they are on the hunt for specific information, they might move on to another video if they can’t find exactly where their question is answered.

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