How Can I Improve My PPC Ads?

When trying to figure out ways to market your business, you may start looking into localized PPC ads. These can be incredibly effective and can be tailored to your service area and budget. However, mistakes can lead to a costly and ineffective campaign. Follow these steps to make sure your campaigns drive traffic and conversions that can help your business goals!

Claim Local Listings

There are hundreds of places where your website and services can be listed on the Internet. In addition to your Google My Business listing, there are listing sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Yellow Pages, among others. Making sure you have claimed your listing on each site and populated it with the correct information is critical to capturing potential leads scouring them for reputable companies to do business with. By managing your own listing, you will be able to respond to customer feedback, advertise sales and promotions and update hours after changing for holidays or vacations. You will also be able to help boost your ranking on search engine result pages because the listing is filled with fresh, accurate information about your business. When claiming your Google My Business listing, you will need to make sure your business has a permanent street address and wait for a verification code to come via text, call or mail.

Setting Campaigns by Location

If your business has multiple locations or works across an expansive service area, you may be able to set up separate campaigns by location, rather than just by service. This is optimal for businesses that work with extremely varied markets with different levels of opportunity for customer relationships including affluence and demand for your products or services. This type of campaign should only be considered if you do not have a range of services that can vary based on the ability to reach your customers and if you have each Google My Business location claimed, if you have one for each area you serve. If you have multiple Google My Business locations, you should organize it so only one is referenced per campaign.

Create Localized Landing Pages for Each Campaign

As a small business owner, you will be competing for customers with major, nationwide retailers. In order to build up trust in your brand, create landing pages with specialized content that relates to each service area targeted. In addition to easy to use calls to action that lead to conversions, highlight how your company has given back and improved your community. Finally, make sure that you have one local number or nationwide number for each page for users to call. Local numbers will make it easier to track where calls are coming from, hence where your users are converting.

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