How Can I Improve My Off-Page SEO Strategy?

Off-page search engine optimization encapsulates everything you do to improve your website’s search engine rankings without actually editing the website itself. There are a wide variety of off-page SEO strategies, some of which are more effective than others. In this article, we’ll go over a few off-page SEO strategies that you should focus on in order to improve your website’s rankings in the search results! If you have any questions about on-page or off-page SEO strategies or are looking for assistance improving your website’s rankings in the search results, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Boston Web Marketing today!

Link Building

Building a portfolio of backlinks that lead to your website is one of the most important off-page SEO strategies. A backlink is your website’s URL on another website, and the more trustworthy and credible that website is, the more valuable the backlink will be to your SEO strategy. There are a few different types of backlinks, including earned links and built links. Earned links, also known as natural links, are backlinks that your website has gained organically due to information, products, or services you provided. Built links are backlinks that come from submitting your website to dedicated listing sites like Yelp, Yellowpages, etc.

Google Business Profile & Local SEO

Another key off-page SEO strategy is optimizing your Google Business Profile, Yelp account, and profiles on other listing/review websites. These types of profiles are primarily for brick-and-mortar businesses, and they allow customers to find your business on Apple & Google Maps, leave reviews, see business hours & updates, etc. The more you’re able to add to these profiles with information about your business, gain positive reviews, respond to reviews, add photos, etc, the better your local SEO strategy will be!

Social Media

One more key element of any off-page SEO strategy is creating profiles and posting engaging content on social media platforms. While social media is a great tool for improving your brand image and awareness, it’s also a way to improve your domain authority, resulting in higher search rankings. When posting on social media, be sure to include links to your website so you can gain traffic from social channels!

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