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How Can I Improve My Internal Link Optimization?

Internal links are one of the easiest ways to improve search ranking, as long as they are done correctly. Link optimization can help Google to index quickly and discover new content. Learn about the difference between internal vs. external links for more context. Read more to learn about tips on optimizing your internal links and methods to avoid. 

Fix all Broken Links

The first step in optimizing internal links is to find any broken links and fix them. If your links are not doing their job correctly, it’s best to get those out of the way to avoid any issues with 404 errors. If your business operates seasonally or has products that can become unavailable, it’s best to make sure you’re setting up 301 redirects to ensure users won’t land on a dead-end page. This can ultimately cause users to exit the website without converting or finding what they were looking for. 

Utilize Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are the easiest way to connect categories and site sections. This helps users easily navigate through your site’s content. Primary category pages and product pages generate a lot of traffic. To help gain exposure to subcategory, “mid-value” pages, it’s good to sandwich them between primary and product pages. 

Organize Your Links

Creating an organized map can help to visualize the connections between your pages. Each page should also include a primary internal link, so there will always be an organized point of reference. This can also help to identify pages that have too many links or not enough. 

Lastly, sites with a lot of different products may suffer from too many redirects. If you have product pages that have more than ten redirects, you can do a quick fix by redirecting to the master category page. 

Click Depth

Similar to the idea above, it should take somewhere between three to five clicks to get to a specific product page. Ensure there is a clear path among the links and that the most desirable pages are easily accessible. 

Automate Internal Link Building

Manually link building can be daunting when you have thousands of pages on your site. Automating your links provides value and saves a lot of time. Automation can be built into the CMS function, or custom scripts can be added to related content. Some examples of automatic links include breadcrumbs, related categories or product suggestions, and “up next” blog posts. 

Optimize your Internal Links with Boston Web Marketing

Link building and optimizing for your business can be difficult. That is why marketing professionals at Boston Web Marketing are trained to help best utilize them for your business. Allow us to help increase your website traffic and reach your digital marketing goals today. Give us a call or reach out to us directly to get started. 

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