How Can I Improve My Facebook Organic Reach?

Organic reach for businesses on Facebook is important but getting worse after their latest announcement. Businesses are having problems with user engagement as Facebook will be showing more personal posts over news stories to help keep that personal element.

How is organic engagement on Facebook? On average, its less then 1%! Businesses want to reach their audience, but with it being so difficult, how can you do it?

1) Preferred Audience Targeting: Preferred audience targeting is a very similar feature used for paid ads but is now available for organic posts. This feature is very powerful because everything that you post on Faceboook wont be applicable to every person that likes your page. If you want to start boosting your engagement rate, focus on the people who are most likely to engage with specific updates.

This will make it so your ad shows to someone you want rather then someone who wouldn’t be in the right target audience.

2) Post Engagement Ads: Post engagement ads can give your posts a little bit of a push. Yes, you’re spending some money, but in return will gain some free reach in the news feed. Your organic reach will be higher because whenever someone likes or shares a post, it shows up more organically. So naturally, a paid share helps organic reach.

3) Add Engaged Followers: You can invite people to like your page if they have recently engaged with one of your posts. This can be very valuable and is fairly unknown by people. The catch is that’s available only on some pages.

If someone has engaged with your posts, you already know they are interested in things you are posting. To invite them, first click on the names of people who reacted to your post(liked, etc.).  You’ll see three buttons reading invite, liked or invited. Clicking on the “invite” button will send people an invitation to like your business page.

4) Video Content: Plain and simply, people would much rather watch a short video then read a long post on your website. The decline of organic reach pretty much mirrors the growth and rise of video engagement and reach on Facebook. Stop sharing boring, vanilla posts and begin incorporating video into your marketing plan!


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