How Can I Improve My Email Newsletter Strategy?

When business slows down, one strong strategy is to send out newsletters. Whether you are announcing a new sale, business news, or just reminding customers of your brand, your loyal followers are a resource that should be tapped. But before you start drafting, you should consider how to get the most out of your newsletter. A great newsletter can funnel previous customers to your website and to sales. A bad newsletter can lead to unopened emails and un-subscription.

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

Before creating any newsletter, you need to know what are you planning to say. And more importantly, is your message valuable to your customers. A surefire successful newsletter mentions a sale, discount, or event. Beyond offering specials, an informative newsletter should be concise and entertaining. If you have news about your business including changes to your services or hours, it can be helpful to send out a newsletter. The one thing you want to avoid is a vague newsletter that doesn’t say much at all. Much like webpage design, you want to think about getting that first call to action, above the fold (or in this case scroll). A nice button with a relevant call to action like “see our new menu” or “get 50% off” is most effective.

Plan The Customer’s Journey

Aside from just creating a newsletter, it is recommended that you create some webpages as well. The newsletter should be the mode of transportation that brings people to your site and your contact forms. One way to do this is to reward your subscribers with a special that is only available to them. Create a landing page and make sure to no-index it so that search engines cannot display it. On this landing page, you can have a unique contact form or any other special information that you want to send to your newsletter followers. Doing this with some frequency can increase your customer’s engagement with your newsletters. It is also easy to track the efficacy from how many people open your newsletters, to how many go to the landing page, to how many fill out a form.

Don’t Spam Your Customers

When it comes to social media and newsletters, less truly is more. Social media algorithms will filter out your posts if people regularly don’t engage with them. And we have all been on the receiving end of a company that sends weekly or even daily newsletters. You do not want to push people into unsubscribing from your newsletter. If you notice a decrease in open rate or click rate on your newsletters this is a sign that you may be overdoing it.

Get Newsletter Help From Our Digital Agency

Boston Web Marketing is the largest independent digital agency in New England. We work with hundreds of clients to help them get the most out of their digital spend. We tailor our approach to each client to make sure that from their on-site website SEO to paid search, they are getting what they need. If you need help managing your newsletter subscribers, we would be happy to lend our expertise. Reach out to us today to discuss our digital services.

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