How Can I Improve My Blog Content?

If you are new to the blogging world or have been recently tasked with overhauling a company blog, it is important to first understand the elements of a blog along with the various tactics that can be used to help fortify the content and help drive more traffic to your business or website. While it is certainly true that not all blogs are the same, the methods & tactics used to grow your site organically will rarely change from blog to blog. Read more to get a better understand of where to start and how to move forward when it comes to creating and optimizing blog posts.

Blogs & Keyword Research

To ensure that your content will rank higher in the google search results pages, it is crucial to utilize a variety of keywords that are not only relevant to your blog topic but also to focus on keywords that potential viewers may be searching for. These keywords will vary greatly on the industry as well as the specific topics that you are covering, so it is good to be well versed across a variety of industries. Be sure to incorporate keywords that’ll help you get found your specific products and services. 

Don’t Overuse Keywords

While using relevant keywords is crucial, it is important to note that sometimes too many of one keyword can have adverse affects. The general rule of thumb is to keep your main keyword under 1-3% of the overall text included in your piece of content. While it is important to focus on the main keyphrase, it is also important to focus on different variations of that keyword that can help users find your content in a variety of different ways.


Have you ever noticed that most blogs has hyperlinked text? This tactic known as backlinking can be used to help drive traffic to your website by driving links to reputable blogs or companies that are known as leaders in their field. The purpose of these links can vary but the primary benefit is building more power around your blogs. By attaching links to your web pages Google will acknowledge this data, and if the content is deemed relevant by crawlers, you may see your page see more traffic and higher SERPs as time goes on.

For more tips and tricks for aspiring bloggers, view my in-depth blog on “Blogging Tips & Tricks For Beginners!”

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