How Can I Improve My Ads for the Holidays?

Inventory-driven ads can help bring extra sales to your business this holiday season. With COVID-19 completely changing how brands operated in the last 18-months, it’s more important than ever to have a solid digital strategy. Inventory-driven ads allow your inventory to be updated in real-time and provide an accurate shopping experience for your customers. 

Learn more about these strategies and have your most profitable holiday season with Boston Web Marketing. 

Connect Your Ads to Inventory Data

By connecting your inventory data, you are able to sell what you actually have on hand. This helps to pivot ads as inventory sells out or shipments get delayed. Ads can be automated for text ads, responsive search ads, responsive display search ads, and dynamic search ads. 

You should then use hyper-relevant targeting to reach audiences that are searching for specifically what you offer. This can include the make, model, color, and year of a car, or size, color, and specifics about a clothing item. 

As items sell out, the ads for these items will stop as well. This can help eliminate any wasted ad spend and potential frustration for customers. 

Optimize Your Feed

If you format PPC data in spreadsheets and it’s formed inconsistently or missing certain required fields, then you are likely to run into problems. You will need to ensure your information is properly optimized for Google before moving forward. This can include proper characters of product titles or ensuring your product description fits within Google’s product categories

Using a PPC management software can help standardize descriptions, use more general colors names to improve impression volume, or create the best product titles for Google Ads.  

Use Drafts and Experiments

The Drafts and Experiments feature from Google allows you to monitor experiments across multiple Google accounts. Having multiple drafts and experiments can help you make different changes to each draft without impacting performance and allows you to see the impact of your changes. It helps to make certain actions depending on the results. 

The faster you are able to react and optimize, the more likely you are to leave your competitors in the dust. 

Improve Your Google Ads with Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, we are able to make the necessary adjustments to your Google Ads to get you the best results. Don’t waste time and money trying to create ads by yourself, let our experts do the heavy lifting. Call us today to get started on your holiday marketing strategy and have the best Q4 yet. 

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