How Can I Improve Facebook Ad Quality?

When it comes to ensuring an ad is set up for success, it always helps to have a clear & defined plan of the overall message and who the ad is designed for. Whether it is a brand new campaign or a campaign that is already active, these are things that can change over time based on trends and external factors. While this blog will not discuss setting up an ad, a good place to start is making sure that your, targeting, demographics, landing pages are optimized as it will help increase the quality of the ad. An ad can have all the spending attributed to ensure leads come in, but that method does not necessarily ensure ad quality. The bottom line is that if spend is your primary concern why waste it on high reach to consumers who have no interest in your product?

Quality over Quantity

Since we are going to be focusing on Ad quality, the target audience plays a pivotal role in making sure your ads are seen by the right people. And this is where quality comes into play. If your audience is too large, chances are good that the lead or conversion may not be of high quality or even relevant to your business. It is important to zero in on who you want to see your ads, before trying to target an audience of vast quantities!  When determining the most effective audience, it is important to think like a consumer, what would your clients be interested in? Providing this information can help attract the right eyes to your content. For example, it would make more sense to target 18,000,000 avid campers compared to 30,000,000 random people for camping products (depending on the campaign of course).

What Are Your Advertising Goals?

Having a defined goal will not only help you create a clear plan of the intended ad, but can also help provide insight on the most effective marketing strategy, Facebook provides a variety of ad styles that can range from increasing traffic to your site, boosting Facebook page traffic, or driving conversions to a product or service page. By sticking with one goal your message will be clearer and give the consumer transparent information about what they are clicking into prior to converting.

Page Engagement: If you are looking to specifically grow your social media community

Engagement: In order for social media users to interact with posts regarding products or services, the “get more messages campaign” is going to be an ideal goal type to help not only see your ads, but drive engagement to interact and potentially reach out to your company directly. This conversion model is a great option to promote products, services, or even for pure engagement purposes.

Local Ads: A Local Facebook ad is a great way to introduce your goods and services to surrounding cities and towns. This high targeted feature takes your physical location and creates a radius to show to local residents. This is a quick way to get your company in front of people who may actually require your goods/services.

What To Avoid When Creating A Facebook Ad

Not Setting A Defined Audience: Facebook ads provide an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to targeting as the platform allows marketers to create custom target audiences for your ads. Allowing marketers to have their ads reach their ideal customers, so you will not want to miss the mark on this part of the creative.

This is important to remember if you want to see not only see growth but conversions as well. If your target audience is too broad then the ad may perform optimally and not reach your intended market. Many businesses offer multiple services/products so it can also be beneficial to set up various segments your to target the key demographic for each specific product or service.

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