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How Can I Help My Mobile SEO?

As we make our way through 2016, mobile traffic is seriously surpassing desktop traffic. As we watch mobile traffic increase, many companies still haven’t made their website mobile friendly. The look and function of non-mobile friendly websites are not only infuriating to users, but it’s an issue for SEO too.

Back in 2015, Google introduced us to mobilegeddon, which left website owners scrambling to fix their non-mobile friendly websites. This algorithm let us know that mobile friendly websites would be an important ranking factor. For those that still need to work on their mobile SEO, we’ve got a few things for you to take a look at.

Types of Mobile Websites

When it comes to mobile websites, there are three types: responsive, dynamic serving and parallel mobile websites.

A responsive website is a design that will take the exact look and feel of your desktop website and transforms it, depending on the size of the mobile phone or tablet. Responsive websites are often chosen because they are easy to maintain, are convenient and they cost less. These types of websites are highly recommended by Google.

Parallel mobile websites are a completely separate version of your website. They are made precisely for the mobile phone or tablet users. When you create a separate mobile website, you’re able to provide the most customized mobile experience, without touching or affecting your desktop website. Parallel mobile websites usually cost more and require someone with advanced SEO knowledge to handle the creating.

A dynamic serving website uses the web server to identify and show a custom page that will match the user’s mobile phone or tablet. While this is a great, custom experience and they use the same URL for desktop and mobile, it can be a taxing procedure. These websites call for experienced technicians to fix and maintain and can be costly when it comes down to it.

Mobile Content

When it comes to the engagement of users, a huge factor for search rankings is optimizing your content for mobile devices and tablets. This can be anything from your call to actions to images and videos. If you are using a responsive website, this is very important because the same content will be used on your desktop and mobile/tablet screens.

Mobile Speed

Another factor, when it comes to your mobile website, is to optimize it for loading speed.  According to Google, the loading speed of your mobile website is an important ranking factor. If your mobile website is loading slowly, it will seriously affect the user experience.

If your business still hasn’t made the switch to a mobile friendly website, choose Boston Web Marketing for your website design needs!

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