How Can I Help My Content Rank Better?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “content is king” when it comes to SEO then you how important it is. Writing content for your website makes Google consistently recrawl your site and help you rank better over time.

What if I told you there was a way to get 2x the results with only 1/2 the content? According to Britney Perger, a SaaS content marketer who has years of experience writing content for SEO purposes, there’s a more effective way to make your content rank well.

Should I Reuse Old Content?

According to Britney, nearly 80% of blog traffic comes from blogs that are months or even years old. She goes on to explain:

“Let’s say you are publishing a blog post twice a week for a year, after year, that is 100 blog posts. And assuming that you put a decent amount of effort into making them, that’s 100 topics… is your effort best spent coming up with new things that maybe target a less perfect audience or is it worth taking the content you already have and going, ‘Has everyone that needs to see this seen this or should we put more effort into that?’”

Reusing those same 100 “core” topics can result in a better return on investment of time and even money.

Content by the Numbers

If you’ve been around the world of SEO then you probably of heard that fresh, new content is what you should be consistently posting so I get it if this sounds a bit crazy, but when you look at the numbers, it begins to make more sense. According to the analytics of, the top 1000 of the 4,784 posts, which is 21%, make up over 80% of the traffic. This 80/20 split is found across a large number of sites that incorporate blogs to help them rank well in Google searches.

How Do I Know the Content I am Writing will Even Rank?

This is the golden question that needs to be answered. It won’t matter what you write if you aren’t targeting specific keywords that you want to be found for and rank well for. Once you have your set of keywords, then you can begin writing content that includes them and recycling them over and over again in content.

How Do I know Which Pieces of Content to Recycle?

In the end, you want to produce content no matter what but if you have been producing content for quite some time, recycling and rewriting content is a great option. You see which articles to recycle by going into Google Analytics (if you have it set up), heading to the content section, and sorting your blog posts by which have the most views and the highest exit rate. That way you know which posts have been doing well and which have not.

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