How Can I Rank in Google News Search Results?

When it comes to ranking in search engine results, webmasters and marketers are always optimizing their websites and following SEO best practices to rank on the first page of results. Along with optimization, marketers are looking for ways their websites can rank and show in other areas of Google’s search results pages. This includes Adwords, local three pack, and appearing in Google News (Top Stories section). The reason why these three areas are in such high competition is that they typically appear above organic search results. Another reason webmasters strive to rank for these sections is that they aren’t just regular organic search links, they are more likely to be clicked on by searchers. To help webmasters have a better chance of success with ranking for Google News, the search engine giant released some tips and best practices that will help websites rank for Google News.

Tips To Rank In Google News

  • Review Google News Publisher Help Center.
  • Make headlines clear and accurate.
  • Include structured data to communicate clear date and time of an article and make sure in the article itself, the same time and day is stated.
  • Don’t write a new story with the same content from old stories already published; as this is plagiarism.
  • Don’t create duplicate content. Make sure to not allow Google to index republished content or use a canonical tag.
  • Be transparent by using information about the author, add contact information for the publication and by using bylines.
  • Implement structured data to help richen up your search results.
  • Make sure your website is secure with HTTPS by purchasing an SSL certificate for your website.
  • Don’t be deceptive to readers by hiding primary purpose or impersonating a person or organization.

Why It Matters

As mentioned above, appearing in Google News can be an important factor in driving more traffic to your website which could lead to more conversions. The tips mentioned above are fundamentals that Google recommends developers and writers keep in mind if they want to have success in ranking with Google News.

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