How Can I Get Winning Blog Topics?

Even the most creative bloggers can feel like they are at a loss for words. Even if we have tons of content to share with our readers, occasionally we’ll underestimate the quality of our own ideas. In a recent article published by Berkley Student Learning Center, writer’s block can be amplified by fear, stress and lack of self-confidence. While you may be sabotaging yourself by overthinking, you can certainly break the habit by exploring free writing, annotations, mapping and mentoring.

Use Common Customer Questions to Create Blog Ideas

Pay attention to the needs of your customers and listen to commonly asked questions. You already understand that you need informative, educational and entertaining content to please your readers. This can easily be done by addressing their needs and demands. Be sure to publish information-rich answers to their questions.

Stay Up to Date with Breaking News & Trends

Find out the latest news in your industry and present this in a unique manner. Explore even the tiniest details that maybe your competitors are missing. Rather than recycle blog topics, make sure to offer fresh content.

Implement Mind-Mapping Techniques

Circle back through previous blogs to see which have generated the most reactions. After this, come up with themes that are tied to the most popular topics. Mind maps are linked to positive actions that support your blogging goals such as building a new objective. Mind mapping software includes Mindjet or XMind which represent all-in-one project collaboration.

Utilize Your Resources

Simplify your job by utilizing Hubspot’s Topic Generator or Topsy, both of which provide a wide range of topic ideas. Through these tools, you have the ability to search, scan and analyze the social web to develop new subject matter.

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