How Can I Get the Old Google Keyword Planner Volume Data?

For those of you who’ve been relying on AdWords Keyword Planner, you may have noticed some skewed data. In June, this useful tool started to display the same volume of searches for similar keywords. An AdWords Representative did, in fact, confirm that this is due to close variants.

Google AdWords
Photo Credit: Search Engine Land


People have been making the mistake of adding the results together which double or triples the search volume. If you’re familiar with SEO, understanding which keywords have a high search volume is crucial. Each version of a keyword can actually serve a different purpose and value.

Rather than searching “Find new keywords and get search volume data” begin with “Plan your budget and get forecasts.” Additionally, switch the date range and be sure to enter a bid and click on the keyword tab. Now you will have impression volume for each keyword.

Even if the variations of a keyword are minimal, the search volume and cost per click will be different for each keyword.

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