How Can I Get More Reviews for my Business? 

In today’s world, people rely on word of mouth and recommendations from their peers more than ever. When consumers are making the decision to purchase a product or work with a company, one of the first things they’ll do is surf the internet for reviews. Do other people recommend them? What’s their average star rating? Reviews are extremely important for the success of your business, not to mention that Google reviews can even boost your local rankings. Google has taken into account just how important reviews are and accounts for that in their algorithms. If your business doesn’t have many 5-star reviews, don’t worry; We have some tips to start building your online reputation! Use these simple tips to encourage your customers to leave a positive review on your Google My Business page. 

Ask Customers Directly

Most people are willing to leave you a review if you provided them with exceptional service, they just don’t think of it. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking them! The best time to do it is right after the service or purchase so it’s fresh in their head. This is the most direct way to encourage reviews.

Send a Follow-Up Email

If you’ve recently worked a customer, whether it be providing a service or they purchased a product from you, it’s highly likely that you already have their email address. Sending a follow-up email immediately after, thanking them for choosing your business, and asking for their feedback on the experience can be effective. You should include a link directly to your Google my Business page to make it easy for them to leave a review with one simple quick. Again, the experience will be fresh in their mind, so doing it right after the service is ideal! 

Add a Review Link to Your Site

Another easy way to encourage review is having a link right on your website for customers to access. You can even try using it as a call-to-action or pop-up on your site to call attention to it. Just don’t be too overbearing, as customers don’t like to feel as if they’re being bombarded with distracting pop-ups.

Respond to Reviews

Our last tip is to simply respond to the reviews that you do get, both positive and negative. If someone took the time to write you a great review, thank them. Encourage them to come back for another service or purchase. Perhaps you even offer them a special discount for next time! If you do get a negative review, this is your chance to make it right with the customer. Remember that anyone who finds your business will see this reply; So make it professional, and show not only that customer but all the others too, that you’re committed to making every customer happy.

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