How Can I Get More Conversions on My Website?

If you have a lot of visitors to your website but aren’t getting conversions, it can be tough to know why that is. If you are having problems converting website visits, read our list below and see if there are things you can improve on to advance your chances of converting.

  1. Contact Forms– If you don’t have contact forms on major pages of your website, you are surely missing out on opportunities. If you do have contact forms but still aren’t converting, try enhancing them to make them stand out more.
  2. Call to Action– Add calls to action on your web pages to encourage your website’s visitors to act, for example, “Call Now,” or “Get a Free Quote Today!”
  3. Mobile Friendliness– As mobile devices are overtaking desktop search rates, your website should be mobile-friendly. Furthermore, make it as easy as possible for mobile users to call or email you by linking these forms of contact so all they have to do is click to call/email.
  4. Testimonials– Putting customer testimonials on your website will help show customers why they should choose you to provide your service. By showing customers they can expect a great service, it will encourage them to fill out a contact form or call your business.
  5. Improve Your SEO Performance– If people aren’t finding your website in the first place, it will be difficult for you to get service inquiries. By improving your SEO performance and increasing the amount of traffic your website is receiving, you will most certainly increase your conversions.

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