How Can I Get More Contacts From My Website?

As a business owner, your website should have a few main goals. It should be a good representation of your business. It should provide information that is valuable to your potential customers and clients. It should make a good first impression. And of course, it should help you make sales. No matter what industry you are in, your business should have a website, and that website should be designed to convert visitors into customers and clients. A common mistake in marketing strategies is to wholly focus on funneling traffic to a website without much thought about what the traffic is going to do once it gets there. Here are a few things to consider to improve the efficacy of your website.

Make Sure The Right Users Are Finding Your Website

First and foremost, let’s discuss web traffic. It is easy to look at big pictures like the total number of sessions/visits to your website and stop there, but you need to consider which visits actually have potential for future business. In digital marketing, we refer to how people access your website as the session sources and mediums. Mediums are the larger categories. Did a user type in your URL from memory? That would be described as a direct visit. Did they find a link after searching on Google or a similar search engine? That would be considered an organic search. The key to a successful website is to have some level of control over how people get to your website. You don’t just want more sessions and visits, you want the people behind those laptops and phones to be potential customers.

Paid media like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media ads have settings designed to target specific audiences, search terms, and target the types of users who are most likely to convert. For example, in Google Ads a max conversion bid strategy aims at the types of people who are the most likely to convert. Email campaigns and organic social media posts are a great way to encourage existing customers and clients to return to your website. Organic search is a good way to target new users based on valuable keywords. Compared to paid ads, organic search is a wider net, it is likely going to bring in more people but those people might not be as targeted as what your Google Ads can bring in.

Tailor User Experiences With Smart Landing Pages

Once you have considered how people get to your site, you need to think about what you want them to experience on your website. There are always some evergreen best practices, like making your site load fast or making it mobile friendly. But as we mentioned above, you should know where people are coming from, and with that knowledge, you can ensure that your visitors are getting the right messaging. For example, if you are posting on social media organically or you are sending out email newsletters, consider creating unique landing pages that are built around return customers. For example, a special that is aimed at repeat customers that is exclusive to your email list will likely have a higher conversion rate than the generic homepage. Or say you are posting a reminder on social media to book follow-up appointments. Instead of sending people to a service page that explains what you do, you can send them directly to a page designed for setting up appointments. Understanding where your users are coming from and how they are accessing your site can inform what content you want to serve them.

Make Calls To Action Relevant

“Call now” and “contact us!” are great but they aren’t highly specific. If you are running Google Ads for a specific service, targeting specific audiences, and sending people to specific landing pages, then your call to action should be specific as well. The user experience should be seamless. Take our website. We provide digital marketing services that help people get found online and convert their visitors into customers and clients. If you are reading this article, you likely got to it via a Google search. Your search terms were likely related to improving your conversion rates, building a website that gets more contacts, or improving your digital strategy. As such, our call to action wouldn’t be “call us”. But instead; click here to get a free digital marketing audit.

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