How Can I Get Influencers to Link to My Content?

People do want to share content found online, especially influencers. Because of the amount they post, they are always searching for interesting and relevant content to share with their audience. If you can create a good opportunity that will benefit both of you, influencers will want to work with you. What you will need to consider are FTC and Google guidelines on disclosures when building your link network.
You should produce fresh, unique content that will engage your target audience. From instructional posts to discussion starters, you should maintain a point of view that is only yours and easily shared with your followers. Between each network’s different algorithms, less than 20% of all content is viewed, so keeping it unique is vital to having it read.
Does your business sell products? Offer free products or samples in exchange for reviews. If you approach a mid-level influencer, you will be more likely to have your product featured in a post to their healthy following. You will need to make sure that all disclosure guidelines are followed for sponsored or free posts. You may also partner with the influencer for a contest where the prize is one of your products.
Relationships online are not a one-way street, and as the influencer helps you boost your profile, you can help them continue to build their audience by mentioning them in blog posts on your site, quoting their work or using them as examples. Tag their profiles across social media as a continuous form of support for their brand.

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