How Can I Get Customers to Review My Business?

Online reviews on websites such as Google and Yelp are incredibly important, and not just for your business’s reputation. Positive, consistent reviews show search engines that your business is reputable, and helps it appear higher in search results and drive more traffic to your website. However, even if you provide exceptional service, it can be tricky to get customers to take the time to leave a review. Here are a few tips to help your business build reviews:

Make it Easy

Customers are more likely to leave reviews if it is quick and convenient. One way you can do this is to include a link directly on your website to review platforms. This can be in the header or footer, or on its own page. Another way to do this is to send an email with a link after the service or purchase is completed asking them to leave a quick review. The fewer steps and hassle required, the more likely customers are to review.

Use Incentives

Incentivising can be a great way to encourage customers to leave reviews. This can be simple – such as 10% off the next purchase or a free slice of cake at a restaurant if you leave a review. Not only does this encourage customers to leave reviews, but it also gives them a reason to return to your business or make another purchase. Just be sure it is light and low-pressure to ensure it does not look like a bribe for positive reviews.

Build Genuine Relationships

Perhaps the best way to accumulate positive reviews is to create genuine, positive relationships with your customers. Take the extra time to speak with them, offer additional customer service, and let them know you appreciate their business. The more positively customers view your business, the higher quality the reviews will be. This also shows others looking for your services that your business is trustworthy and will provide high-quality services for their needs.

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