How Can I Generate Quality Backlinks?

People won’t be able to read your content without knowing it’s there. With the amount of content available online, you might get lost in the shuffle and lose out on valuable clicks and leads. One way to make sure you have people seeing your content is by generating backlinks. Backlinks can be created in several different ways:

Writing a Guest Blog

Writing a guest blog for a relevant source builds high quality and trustworthy links. These blogs will be posting fresh, original content and likely have a higher readership. By writing an article for a higher-profile site, you will be able to generate a one-way backlink to your own site, providing a link for readers to seek out more of your writing. If you write a high-quality piece, more people may link to the article, which will give your website more authority.

Linking on Social Media

You have the easiest way to generate backlinks right at your fingertips: sharing on social media means you are already broadcasting to a relevant, interested audience, likely to share and spread your content. Social media pages have high page ranking, which allows your content to be seen by a wider audience. In addition to sharing new content, you can add links to your site in your bio or header section, providing several ways to get users to click. The networking factor of social media provides an easy way to promote sharing without having to ask for it, as users will be likely to share links and posts relevant to their, or their friends’, interest.

Blog Commenting

If you find a relevant article and have something insightful to say in response, you can post a comment containing a link to your content. This doesn’t mean you should spam every blog post you see, but adding some useful information to a comment can help build trust in your brand.

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