How Can I Generate More Website Traffic From Social Media?

No matter the type of business that you have, it’s become a necessity to have a presence on social media. Managing social media well is a full-time job, though. That’s why many have put it off in the past. With more users on social media with many at home, now is the perfect time to cultivate your brand so that you’ll be in good shape once things return to normal. Social media gives you new opportunities to communicate with your customers and potential customers, helping reinforce and grow your brand. 

Start by Selecting the Right Platform

Social media has changed incredibly since its inception. You can do so many things on these platforms now rather than just connecting to old classmates. There are many options out there. How do you decide which fits your business? Consider your audience and your goals when making a decision. Some of the most popular social media platforms are: 

Facebook: This is the largest and one of the oldest social media platforms. It has only grown its userbase since the pandemic began with users spending more time than ever online. It’s perhaps the most credible and best social media platform from a business perspective. No matter your industry, there are potential customers on Facebook. The acquisition of Instagram allows you to reach younger demographics as well. 

LinkedIn: This platform was built for professional networking, so it can be a great way to engage with users, just make sure that your tone is professional yet consistent. LinkedIn is especially valuable for B2B businesses. 

Twitter: Twitter is all about staying up to date. It can be valuable for businesses to capitalize on trends with younger audiences, but typically isn’t the place to focus for small businesses. 

Build Your Strategy

Having goals in mind is crucial to any business process. You need to have something to shoot for rather than marketing for the sake of marketing. Build a monthly plan for posting frequency, a content calendar, and stay consistent with your posting. Consider the content of your website now and ways to repurpose it for social media. Different content can be allocated to different social media channels, be cognizant of the content that the audience was created for and go from there. 

Engage with Users

Once you dive into the social media space, you’ll notice that users like to interact, don’t leave them hanging! Make sure that you stay current with your messages, comments, and other activity on your page. Showing that you’re attentive helps build your business’ credibility and will lead to more positive results. Engage with users even if they are unhappy, and do your best to find a solution. Much of social media is public, so it’s crucial to always stay professional.

If you’re a small business owner who needs help with their social media strategy, contact Boston Web Marketing today. Our team of digital marketers is excited to help. 

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