How Can I Gain More Followers on Twitter?

Twitter is a great social media platform for someone who wants constant content out on the web. Creating a Twitter following takes a special mix of the right content, timing, and people to produce. Gaining more Twitter followers can help engage your brand. With this platform, being consistent and Tweeting quality content are the keys to success. Because of its personal nature, responsive community members, and immediacy, it’s important to keep up your presence up.

Follow the correct people

One of the best ways to get followers on Twitter is to follow people that are like you. Look for people in your industry and follow them. When they see you’ve followed them, they will most likely look at your account and follow back when they see you’re in the same industry as them. Start off by following smaller accounts to have this strategy work. They are more likely to see you followed them.

Reply, retweet, and favorite

Make sure you engage! The only way to gain more followers on Twitter is to engage with other users by actively retweeting, replying, and favoriting Tweets within your industry. Doing this will make your name well known, and if you are sharing their Tweets often, they’ll do the same with yours.

Interactions with more than just mentions

Use search agents to do ongoing searches for terms within your industry and mentions of your brand. When a new Tweet comes in, follow or interact otherwise with that user. Make your searches specific so you are interacting with users that are actually interested in your content.

Picking the right times to Tweet

Use an optimal time posting tool to schedule your Tweets for the correct time. Some optimal time tools will look up to three months back to see what times your Tweets get the most interactions. Once you find the right time to Tweet, you may gain more followers from your Tweets. From Retweets, replies, and mentions, your Tweets will be spread across the Twitter universe.

Using trending hashtags

A great way to get found quick is by using trending hashtags. Staying current with what is trending and using these hashtags means that your brand will be showing up in the even bigger conversation happening on the web. If you see a trending topic that is relevant to your brand, take part in the conversation!

Tweet other people’s content yourself

Sharing content from some of your favorite bloggers or non-competing companies and tag them when you share. There is a good chance they will end up following back if they see your @mention on their feed.

Don’t buy followers

Even though it may look good in your follower count, buying Twitter followers will not help you! These followers are robots that cannot buy your services or products, therefore there is no point in having them following you. Also, Twitter is cracking down on people using paid followers. Twitter will shut them all down eventually.

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