How Can I Gain Customer Loyalty Online?

When customers are loyal, they tend to spend more money. Gaining customer loyalty goes beyond person to person interactions you might have but also includes the interactions you have online. Increasing your interactions and becoming more engaged with these potential customers, especially on social media, can have a positive impact on your business.

Make A Connection

Many consumers, especially young consumers, seek human interaction as part of their shopping experience. Saying goodbye to automated phone systems and having a well-training customer service will help strengthen the connection to your customers and potential customers. Once the personal connection is there, use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to further strengthen those connections.

Consider Payment Options

User experience is extremely important, especially when it comes to payment for products and services. Making the payment process as easy as possible and having payment plans when possible will increase referrals, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Keep Customers Informed

If you are selling a physical product on your website, acknowledging the order has been placed, sending a confirmation email, filling the order and shipping it out in a timely manner will keep customers from being agitated. Updates are key and when they’re provided during each step of the fulfillment process builds trust, your customer will be impressed, and they’ll keep coming back even if issues arise every now and again.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Positive feedback is always great to have, but using negative reviews as a learning tool is equally as important. When negative reviews are written about your business, always respond to show the customer you care about what they have to say, no matter what they think. Negative reviews also give you the opportunity to become better and strengthen the services and products you offer as well as strengthen your customer service.

Reward Customers

Building customer loyalty will help your business grow in the long run. Without your customers, your business wouldn’t be possible. Provide rewards for new customers, returning customers, and customers that have been inconvenienced. Coupon codes and extra services (i.e. gift wrapping or free shipping) will help avoid offending customers when they are inconvenienced and will help increase purchases by new and returning users.

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