How Can I Fix My Technical SEO Issues on a Budget?

Many business owners don’t have a marketing budget as large as they’d like it to be but knows that marketing is essential. We wrote this blog to help shine some light on some low-budget solutions that you can utilize to improve your website and increase your ranking on SERPs. Deciding how to spend your budget is always a struggle, but you can reduce your spending if you’re able to fix some of your website’s issues yourself. 

Identify Your Site’s Issues

The first step to fixing any problem is first identifying it. Start by performing a technical audit of your website. Technical SEO errors on your website can be issues with indexing, the ability of search engines to crawl your website, and more. 

There are tools out there to help you identify these common issues, tools like Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters provide you with loads of information about how people use and access your site, along with how and where it’s seen on each respective search engine. Google Lighthouse and Analytics are other free tools that help you identify slow load times and other technical issues, and even offer solutions to the issues. If you’ve got a bigger than startup sized budget, you can also consider options like SEMrush’s site audit, which also looks into your website’s content, linking & more. Once you’ve utilized some of these tools, you can now form a list of your site’s SEO issues and begin fixing them.

Prioritize Your Fixes

Now that you’ve got your list, break it down further into the issues that you feel you can tackle yourself. The tools mentioned above often let you know the severity of the different problems, and we’d recommend that you prioritize your site issues that way. If you see that the images on your homepage are too large, according to Google Lighthouse, that is something you can quickly fix yourself using an image resizing tool. Making the changes you can and saving your valuable budget for the more advanced technical issues will help your website more than you can imagine.

Use Your Budget Wisely

When you’re making these changes, you have to consider how much time you’re taking away from the other aspects of your business. It’s great that you’ve identified all of these issues on your site, but do you really have the time to resize images sitewide or re-write half of the site’s content? That’s where working with a digital marketing company makes sense. Companies like Boston Web Marketing can optimize your organization’s website and digital presence without having to hire an internal marketing team. 

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