How Can I Find Additional Link Opportunities?

As you work through your local citations and listing sites, you will probably end up wondering how to attain more links to your website. There are a few tools that you can use to increase the link opportunities for your website.

For one, you can always find more local listing directories for your site on Brightlocal and Moz Local. Brightlocal’s citation tracker is a great tool for finding listing opportunities as well as a way to check for inaccurate listings. Moz Local is also a useful tool, but it has less listings to cycle through. Moz Local is better for finding irregularities in your listing sites, but can also be used to find new links.

A more advanced technique for finding link opportunities is using a backlink checker. Tools such as Ahrefs and Open Link Profiler can be used to find all of the links directed at a site. Run a competitor’s website through this tool to see where they are getting links. Go through the backlinks to find sites that could potentially link back to you and start your outreach!

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