How Can I Evaluate the SEO Value of My Pages and Posts?

Everyone is trying to produce high-quality content that gets attention online and provides value to your business. Now more than ever, the relationship between content and SEO is a strong one. Web users are searching more than ever for answers to their questions, and producing content that answers those questions is the best way to reach those users. The world moves fast, and there is always a need for quality and up to date information. You need to have a strategy in place to make sure that you can stay agile and create actual valuable content versus trending topics thrown together into a blog. While it’s great to add content frequently, the quality of content is still most important. 

Content & Google

Everyone has their own opinion of what quality it. Some may see large amounts of visitors to a page is a signal of quality; sometimes, time on the page or another type of engagement is important. But the goal should be relevancy, content that answers the queries that people are searching for. The user experience should be the primary concern when creating a page or post. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll leave long before taking the desired action. User intent is the most important factor in search; try to address that with your content to reach more users. 

Measuring Your Content’s Value

Without being able to measure results, it’s hard to tell which of your efforts are working and which ones aren’t. Your content needs to, ofcourse, suit readers, but you want to create technically sound content as well. Some technical SEO metrics are keyword rankings, website traffic, click-through rate, and more. Conversions are the goal, but not every page is going to be a converter, some will lead to conversions down the line. 

When creating content, have a focus in mind. Intent and honing in on your keywords is the best way to attract the right users and do the actions you intend. Include keywords in your content thoughtfully and think about where the user is in their buying process. Anticipate their needs by doing your research and becoming an authority on the topic. The best way to create quality content around a topic is to be knowledgeable about it. This allows your content to flow more naturally. 

Clean Up Your Content

Things like metadata and your URL structure can have an impact on your content from both a user and a technical standpoint. You want to make sure that your keyword(s) are included in the URL without unnecessary junk. This signals to the user that your website is safe and gives credibility to your site through consistency. Quality metadata will serve as a preview to users on SERPs, so it needs to make grammatical sense and be on topic. A consistent URL structure on your site is a benefit for both users and search engines. 


High-quality content takes time to create; there are numerous factors at play. Developing a consistent content creation strategy is one of the best ways to ensure that your content is measurable and purposeful. For help with your marketing strategy, reach out to our team at Boston Web Marketing today for assistance. We’re here to help!

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