How Can I Enhance My Instagram Profile?

You’ve had your Instagram profile for a while now, but your posts aren’t garnering many likes and engagement. This can either be because your content isn’t captivating your audience, or it may be due to the fact that your audience simply isn’t seeing your posts among the hundreds of other pieces of content they scroll through during the day. No matter what the real issue is, there are a few simple ways to attract a larger following and increase content engagement in a meaningful way.

Utilized boosted posts

You don’t have to run a full ad on Instagram to increase visibility. By boosting your post, you can expose your Instagram post to more user feeds that do not follow you, allowing you to garner a larger audience, more engagement, and more followers. Boosting a post gives you the opportunity to tailor visibility to your ideal audience – you can specify boosts by age, location, and user interests. Unlike using paid ads, you don’t have to generate new content to boost a post. You can choose one you have already posted! This is a more budget-friendly option for some and can give you the reach you need to land some pretty valuable clients.

Minimize use of stock photos

For a business, stock photos can be extremely useful when you don’t have enough homegrown visual content to post. However, it can feel impersonal at times. People tend to use Instagram to get an inside look into influencers, brands, friends, and family. So, if most of the content you post are just run-of-the-mill stock photos with a few catchy taglines, you likely won’t see a ton of engagement. Your best bet is to take the time to take organic photos, whether that be of your products, your team, or even you as a business owner. People will feel much more connected with your business and will be more likely to interact with your content or engage in a purchase of your product or service.

Create a theme for your page

When users follow you, they will see most of your content on their home feed. However, this doesn’t mean you should allow the aesthetics of your profile to fall to the wayside. Creating a visual theme and sticking to it will add a cohesive tenor to your page. Users will appreciate the efforts and will take more time to view your entire profile if they notice your profile feed has a color scheme and personal flair to it. Use tools like Canva to create graphics to post between photos that follow the same color scheme and style. When people see graphics, they tend to associate them with valuable information, so it is a good idea to sprinkle a few in between shots of your products or your team to come across as transportation, informative, and caring of the customer experience.

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