How Can I Engage My Followers on Social Media?

Social media is one of the best off-site platforms to utilize as a company and can be very beneficial. Even though social media is so popular and widely used, one of the most frequently asked questions about social media is how to engage other users. Setting up profiles and utilizing social media on various platforms (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) gives you the opportunity to connect with users in real time.

  • Ask questions. Asking questions is one of the easiest ways to start general engagement with followers and other users on a given platform. Think about the activities your followers engage in outside of the Internet and they’re interests.
  • Be funny. Most people are on social media for entertainment, so keep things light, airy, and humorous even when selling products and service. You’ll entertain and engage your users but still promote sharing your brand’s message.
  • Promote something new. Revealing a new product, service, or even promotion on social media before sharing it anywhere else allows your followers to get the inside scoop, which can be a huge perk! Leading up to a launch, share bits and pieces of the project being worked on to get people excited and to get them spreading word of mouth about their excitement.
  • Keep up on trends. Users of social media typically keep up on the latest trends and it’s easy to use that to your advantage. Keep up on what’s popular at the moment and include some of these trends into your posts to help users relate to you on a better level, as long as they relate to your business.

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