How Can I Engage More on Social Media?

Social media has become an everyday thing in most of our lives. Because of this, the different platforms offered, have become a powerful marketing tool for businesses everywhere. An important aspect to gain followers on social media is to connect and engage with influencers on various websites.

Influencers are the people that are going to inspire potential customers to look into or buy your services. They can produce an immediate trust throughout your audience, all while motivating them to purchase. The first step in gaining influencers to support your business is to discover them.

  1. Facebook

While having a high number of fans is good, engaging with them is the most important. The more people engage on a post by commenting, the more it will be shown. For your influencer to work, their post needs to be seen and heard.

To monitor your influencers’ posts, create an “interests” list that consists of people who are talking about your industry.  Once you have your list built, some things to consider are:

  • Are they posting enough?
  • Do they get enough interaction from fans?
  • Which people or pages see the most likes, shares or comments?

After these questions are answered, you’ll be able to narrow down your influencers to ensure their influence is worth your time.

  1. Twitter

Because Twitter doesn’t use an algorithm to display tweets, followers have an equal chance to see a tweet in the order it was tweeted. Despite this, interaction on twitter is equally as important. When a customer retweets something of yours, it shows that they were interested enough to share with followers. As a tweet continues to be retweeted, the amount of people it will reach will increase.

Like Facebook, there are a couple of things to consider when looking for a Twitter influencer.

  • The amount of retweets they have.
  • The amount of conversation between the influencer and their followers.

Since the majority of conversations are public, it’s easier to see the interaction between an influencer and their followers. You’ll want to take note of the “Tweets & Replies” tab for a more accurate idea of how the influencer is on Twitter.

  1. Google+

Google+ may not the main network choice for people, it’s still highly significant to search engines and potential customers. For customers that are on Google+, you’ll need to engage with them with the aid of your influencers. Some things to consider:

  • How many comments do they have?
  • How many profile views?
  • How many update views?

Engaging with your followers and customers on social media platforms is a great way to traffic to your website. By following these suggestions, you can get a sense of how your influencers will be able to assist you.

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