How Can I Drive Traffic To My Website in 2022?

Decreases in website traffic after the holiday season are inevitable. People were spending time with family and friends, and are no longer in the market for services and products. This means less time spent browsing the web, and less need for services during this time. There are a few key ways to combat this traffic downtime. Here are some tips to increase your website traffic going into 2022.

Improve Your Mobile Site

One of the biggest contributors to seeing an increase in traffic after the holiday season is your mobile website. Having a strong website that is compatible with any mobile device is critical when it comes to gaining traffic and awareness for your website. When people are traveling, they browse the web on their mobile devices. This makes having a mobile-friendly website even more important. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, consumers are much less likely to spend any time on it. Things like page speed, page layout, and anchor links can all be affected by not having a strong mobile site.

To figure out if your website is compatible and mobile-friendly, just test it out yourself! If you’re not satisfied with how it looks, then your potential customers won’t be either. This does not mean that you need a brand new website, making your website mobile-friendly can be easy with the right help! Contact Boston Web Marketing to see if your website is mobile-friendly and learn how we can help.

Use Engaging Content

Posting engaging and unique content on your website and social media channels is important to gain website awareness, traffic, and hopefully conversions. Having strong content on and off your website helps search engines know that your site is current and credible. Posting content on your blog related to common keyword searches, and building out social media posts that work to drive customers back to the website are just a few techniques. Both are great ways to engage your audience with relevant information and will help you stand out.

Engage and Socialize

Social media sites are a popular destination around this time of year. Catching up on what everyone did over the holidays, seeing what deals businesses are offering. It is a great time to start engaging with your audience, more than just posting content. Take this opportunity to boost your business’s presence on all platforms. Post pictures of things besides selling your services, such as holiday photos or new years resolution. This works to establish a friendly business personality and humanize your brand. Use this time to build a relationship with your customers and followers that will extend into 2022!

Contact Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, we have experts that will monitor your website and take measures to enhance awareness and traffic over time. Contact us today to get started at 857-526-0096 or – we’ll even give you a free website audit!

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