How Can I Determine a Good Blog Strategy?

Starting a blog is half of the battle when determining your SEO strategy. The opposite half is maintaining a steady flow of new, fresh and relevant content to keep your audience engaged. Developing and sustaining a proper blogging strategy for your business goals is important to growing your efforts.
Developing a strategy will require some trial and error. Blogging too often may take your attention off of other marketing efforts and burn out your ideas and motivation too quickly, particularly if you are a small business owner. The first thing you will need to do is determine a blog schedule that works for your goals. Updating your blog at least twice per month will allow you the freedom to write about different aspects of your business to attract new audience segments while making sure you are not burnt out from choosing topics. Regular updates will keep visitors coming to your site and allow you to develop a loyal following, and people will be more inclined to share your content if they feel strongly about your products or services.
Before you start writing posts, you will need to determine the goals you are aiming to achieve by keeping a blog. Are you trying to drive website traffic or increase leads? As you continue building your blog and writing posts, keep your goals in mind. Not every blog post will need to apply to every member of your audience, and switching up your topics to attract different people can help your business. Include engaging copy and links to relevant content to keep readers on your site.

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