How Can I Decrease My Website’s Bounce Rate?

When going through your analytics, you may notice a metric called Bounce Rate. This is the percentage of users that exit your site on the same page as they entered, without navigating to other pages and viewing more content. A healthy bounce rate is up for debate, but the average is between 20%-60%. If you have a bounce rate that is higher than normal and are looking to decrease it, take these steps to help optimize your site for prospective readers.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

Take a look at your pages and blogs. If you have large blocks of text lining the entire page, you may scare off potential readers intimidated by the amount of information presented to them. You can break up large paragraphs in a couple of different ways:

  • Use bullet points to make your point in a concise manner. This helps make the main points of your article or service page stand out and make it easier for the reader to remember later. By making your key points stand out, the reader may also be tempted to learn more about your business, reading further pages prior to converting.
  • Create spaces by putting relevant topics under subheadings using H-tags. If you are trying to make several points in your article, use the main goal of the paragraph as a header to keep relevant content together.
  • Break content up with images to keep the page interesting.

Maintain Your User Experience

Adding a pop-up to your site in order to capture leads can be tempting and even effective, but it’s important to make sure you do not harm your user experience. Aggressive or disruptive pop-ups can cause a reader to navigate away quickly, without looking at other content or even finishing the page they landed on. If you choose to use pop-ups on your site, make sure they are unobtrusive and do not detract from the user experience. While keeping your bounce rate steady is important, a negative user experience will only make the metric go up.

Write Catchy, Effective Calls-to-Action

Each page of your site should contain several clear calls-to-action, between links and buttons. In the conclusion of your piece, you should have information on how your business can help the reader, with a click-to-call link and a link to your contact form. If you are not going to include a link to your form, make sure the form is in the sidebar or below your content. Make sure your buttons stand out against the page and that users know what they are clicking on and filling out.

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